Prepare for the Spring, from the ground up…

On Your Feet
Hopefully many of you are learning the importance of maintaining a healthy spine. Something that I haven’t yet discussed in this space is the importance of our spine’s foundation… our feet. With the spring upon us and many outdoor sports and activities starting again, this is a great time to check the health of our feet and arches.

The feet form the foundation of the skeleton in the same way that a foundation provides a steady platform on which a house can be built. If there is a problem with the foundation, then the structure above may lack stability/balance and be prone to excessive wear and tear/degeneration. In our bodies, improper support of the feet can affect the ankle, knee, hips, pelvis, low back and up the spine. So, the importance of a solid foundation can not be understated.

Supporting the Alignment of Your Feet

The more you move and exercise, the greater the importance of good support and alignment of the feet. Every time the foot strikes the ground information is transmitted to the ankle and up to the spine to inform the body of the foot’s position in space, so that our bodies can maintain balance and know how the position the foot and ankle for the next step. Imagine the number of times that the feet hit the ground when you go for a jog or track down a fly ball for example. Moving over unlevel ground (cross country, rounding the bases) or running while avoiding obstacles (basketball, soccer, football, field hockey) put even greater demands on the feet and ankles.

Foot Levelers has devised the following screening to determine if you might benefit from custom made spinal pelvic stabilizers:

  1. Do you stand or walk on hard surfaces for more than 4 hours daily?
  2. Do you participate regularly in any physical sport?
  3. Have you had a prior injury to your knee, back, or neck?
  4. Do your shoes/sneakers wear unevenly?
  5. Do you have joint pain while standing, walking, or running?
  6. Is one of your legs shorter than the other?
  7. Do you have knock-knees or bow legs?
  8. Do you have obvious foot problems (bunions, corns, etc.)?
  9. Do your feet “toe out” when you’re walking?
  10. Do either or both feet appear “flat” with no arch support or extra high in the arch area (strong arch)?

Find Balance

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be a good candidate for Foot Levelers custom-made stabilizers. Whether your feet need improved support or if you simply desire custom fitting, Foots Levelers offers a full line of products including Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, Shoethotics, and Sandalthotics to help put the spring back in your step. At Matthews Chiropractic Center, we offer custom scanning of your feet and the full catalog of Foot Levelers products. Come in today to have your feet scanned, so you can be more comfortable in all your spring activities.

Dr. Leibman will be conducting a free foot screening at the Matthews Vitamin Shoppe on Saturday, April 18th from 11am until 1pm.

*Images provided by Caselet & Joel Bedford respectively.

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  1. - March 31, 2009

    Feet First! Prepare for the Spring, from the ground up….

    We forget how important our feet are connected to our health. Dr. Matthew Leibman asks some simple questions to see if you are supporting what is supporting you….