“It feels like a pinched nerve.”

Shooting pain, maybe a pinched nerve? photo by unsplashMany times when I ask a patient what their pain feels like, they tell me it’s “like a pinched nerve.”  Trying to stretch or move an injured muscle too quickly can cause pain to shoot from the area of injury or feel like a stabbing sensation.  Sometimes any movement at all can make pain radiate from an injury.  It is easy to understand that people associate the sharp, shooting, or burning pain of a contracted or spasming muscle with a nerve injury.

Nerves are fine most of the time

Pain is frequently the result of muscle strains and poor joint motion. Trauma, overexertion, or working in a compromised position can all cause muscle injuries.  Muscle strain injuries can result from repetitive movements or holding the same posture for long periods of time.  In some cases, muscles can become tightened, inflamed, and put pressure on a nerve.  When this is the case, a nerve can become pinched.

What is causing the pain?

Physical pressure on a nerve can cause symptoms along the course of a nerve.  Pain is often the only sign of a compressed nerve, but numbness and/or weakness can also result.  Muscle strains and spasms can hamper joint motion and lead to nerve irritation.  When I make an examination we find out what is causing the pain: muscle injury, poor joint motion, or a pinched nerve.  If you are experiencing pain for any reason, an exam is a good way to find out what is happening and how to make you feel better.

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