I feel great, when should I return?

Feeling Healthy, a Jump for Joy!

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A patient in my office asked, “after I’m finished treating my injuries, how often should I return for care?”  When this patient’s injuries resolve, she will be released from care related to a motor vehicle collision.  She was essentially asking, how often she should make appointments when she wants to continue feeling well.

This patient was still recovering from injuries to muscles, ligaments, and nerves in her neck and low back, but she explained that she was already beginning to feel range and ease of motion that rival her pre-accident status.  Her care concluded when she felt better and we ensured that her condition had stabilized.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

If she felt better treating with injuries, she saw that she could continue feeling better receiving chiropractic adjustments after her injuries healed as well.  She understood that her body was benefiting from chiropractic therapy and wants to continue to feel that way in the future.  This is a message that I try to impart to every patient.

For most patients that have no current complaint and desire to present for maintenance care, I recommend visits once a month.  This is often a very good starting point and in the course of care, we will learn if this is a good frequency.  If the patient feels that they are not maintaining optimal functionality, then their frequency can be adjusted accordingly.

Of course patients that are having pain wonder how often they will be treated as well.  Often, patients with injuries will initially be recommended to treat multiple times a week to control symptoms and start to correct misalignments in the spine.  When we start to see maintained improvements then, visit frequency can be reduced.

Staying Aligned Helps Reduce Daily Stresses

The body constantly responds to stressors that affect our well-being and chiropractic treatment can help reduce the effects of these daily stresses on our bodies.  Every patient is different and particular conditions require varying levels of care.

At Matthews Chiropractic Center we can devise an appropriate care plan whether you seek pain relief or desire to stay out of pain.  This is patient centered care, care to suit you.

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