Decompression Comes in Many Forms

Flexion-distraction therapy is a form of spinal decompression used by many chiropractors, including Dr. Leibman at Matthews Chiropractic Center. Flexion-distraction adjusting is a healing technique used to relieve lower back and leg pains, as well as, tingling, numbness, or weakness in the legs by targeting the lumbar discs. Treatments can heal disc herniations, radiculopathy and other painful conditions of the spine.

Through repeated movements of the lower back the discs are alternately stretched and returned to normal posture. The sequence of slow, rhythmic movements increases disc height, helps to restore mobility, improve circulation, and reduce pressure inside the intervertebral disc. Treatments with flexion-distraction can decrease disc protrusion and stenosis, free adhesions, relieve nerve root pressure, and separate facet (posterior spinal) joints.  This leads to reduced pain and nerve irritation and easier movement of the spine.

Flexion-distraction is a low force chiropractic technique for treating the lower back that does not require the quick, measured thrusts commonly associated with chiropractic care. Flexion-distraction therapy is an effective treatment that can stand alone in the care of lower back pain, sciatica/leg pain, and disc injuries.

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