Chiropractic Targets the Source of Pain

When you visit Matthews Chiropractic Center my goal is to find the source of your pain, make a correction, and help you to keep it that way.  This strategy differs from the most common intervention for pain, taking anti-inflammatory pain-relief medication.  These drugs only address pain and inflammation, which are symptoms of injury.  Chiropractors identify and treat the pain generator itself, whether that be lack of joint motion, nerve irritation, muscle spasm, or joint surfaces rubbing together improperly, for example.

Get Your Spine Moving

Chiropractic manipulative therapy or spinal adjustments together with muscle treatments to restore movement to the spine, improve alignment and posture, release contracted muscle, and calm nerve irritation.  I strive to use the least force necessary to restore normal joint motion.  Flexion-distraction therapy is used to heal lumbar disc injuries, remove pressure on nerves, and bring movement to the joints and muscles of the lower back.  Flexion-distraction therapy is the primary tool that I use to help patients with sciatica, leg pains, weakness, and numbness, or diagnosed problems like disc bulges, herniations, protrusions, or stenosis.

Beyond Adjustments

Treatments that specifically target muscle injuries include myofascial release technique, ultrasound therapy, electric muscle stimulation, trigger point therapy, and more.  I also recommend the services of BLUESTONE Restorative Massage Center, located in my office, for treatment of soft tissue injuries.  BLUESTONE Restorative Massage offers Swedish, Deep Muscle, and Neuromuscular Massage, Reflexology, Sexy in Heels, Perioperative Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Scar Management services.

Don’t Wait for Relief

The longer that you wait to receive treatment, the longer that your body is accommodating to injury, lost joint motion, and weaknesses that may be present in your body.  While medication might provide some temporary relief of your pain, the source of the discomfort that is keeping you up at night remains.  Schedule an appointment at Matthews Chiropractic Center and put your pain to bed for good.

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