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If you live in the state of North Carolina and utilize chiropractic coverage through your health insurance, you should be interested in House Bill 496.  The recently introduced North Carolina House Bill 496 would make chiropractic co-pays equal to the co-pays of primary care doctors.  For many with health insurance, visiting a chiropractor has required a specialist co-payment over the last few years, often amounting to double the co-pay for a primary care physician visit.  House Bill 496 would bring equity to chiropractic co-payments and reduce the out-of-pocket expense for those who seek chiropractic care.

Would You Like Lower Chiropractic Co-Pays?

Reducing co-payments helps to reduce the financial barrier for those who need chiropractic care.  Health insurance plans already contract with chiropractic providers to control the cost of chiropractic services.  Bringing equity to chiropractic co-pays allows you to take better advantage of the premiums that you are already paying for health insurance coverage.

Please use the talking points below to encouraged your North Carolina State House legislator to support House Bill 496.

  • House Bill 496 gives patients the equal access they deserve to seek chiropractic care.
  • House Bill 496 eliminates the possibility of phantom chiropractic insurance benefits. When an insured patient pays all or most of the cost of their chiropractic visit out-of-pocket, as a co-payment, the insurance company is making no contribution, a “phantom benefit.”
  • House Bill 496 eases financial barriers to care.
  • Emerging evidence from an analysis of the N.C. State Health Plan shows that chiropractic care is half the cost of medical care for complicated low back pain.  This means that House Bill 496 could save the health care system money.

Voice Your Support

Now that the bill has been introduced, it is important for constituents to notify their representatives and ask them to support this legislation.  If you are unsure who represents you, please click here and do a ZIP code search to find contact information for your legislators.  Phone, physical address and email address information is available when you click through the North Carolina General Assembly website.  If you click here, you can access a template letter that can be pasted into an email or letter (be sure to replace bracketed text with your info).  Thank you for your support.

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