Acupuncture Now Available

Mika Ichihara

I had hoped to offer the services of an experienced acupuncturist at Matthews Chiropractic Center for a long time.  With the arrival of Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac., I am finally able to say that a Master Healer will be providing holistic healing, in multiple forms, at Matthews Chiropractic Center.

Integrated Healing from Japan

Ms. Ichihara has recently moved from Manhattan, New York, where she established a unique private holistic practice over the past decade.  Mika who is originally from Japan, is a successor to various styles of ancient Asian healing methods dating back to 1600’s Japan.  As a Master Healer, she applies hundreds of years of healing knowledge combined with updated Modern Medical awareness to create “A natural integrative approach for holistic healing”— specifically customized to each individual’s health needs.

Her treatments are not only for stress and pain relief, but also many internal conditions, such as digestive trouble, respiratory difficulty, immune system enhancement, hormonal issues, infertility, psychological conditions and more.  Please visit her website, , for a more complete list of conditions that can be treated as well as other information.

Holistic Acupuncture

In addition to treating manifesting symptoms, she focuses on treating the root cause that develops multiple signs and symptoms.  Her protocol is designed to activate and restore your original self-healing mechanism by regulating organ functions and enhancing the immune system.  The body’s intrinsic self-healing mechanism is often diminished due to excessive stress, emotional challenges, pollution, chemicals and other external environmental factors, so that our body is unable to heal by itself.  A complete cure derives from within.  Along with her treatment, she will teach and guide you how to cure your conditions in a natural way. Rest assured acupuncture is safe to combine with conventional treatments you may already be receiving.

Integrative Approach

She applies acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary instruction to help heal your physical and psychological conditions in a more natural way.  In addition, she offers other alternative approaches to support your emotional and spiritual well-being: Reiki – Energy & Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Reading, Meditation and Feng Shui.  These methods will help you create inner peace and balance which plays the significant role in healing and wellness.

For more information

To make an appointment or inquiry, please call 704-981-1461 or email For more details about Mika’s practice, please visit:

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