How to Give 100% of You

I recently had the privilege to speak at the Matthews Woman’s Club. As I was preparing I realized that we as women have huge responsibilities.  Children, husbands, PTA, housework, meals, jobs, charity work and the list continues.  Women give everyday, all day.

I have to ask, how do you give 100% of yourself if you never allow yourself time to rejuvenate? The answer is you can’t.  Women must take time to refill so that they can continue to do all they do.  Massage can accomplish so much in such a short period of time.  An hour massage increases blood circulation, allows the body to relax and gives the mind a break from all the commotion that goes on in daily living.  You walk away with a renewed feeling knowing you have done right by yourself and everyone else you love.   Regular monthly massages should become part of an overall health care program for 100% you.

Kim Getz is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist (LMBT 6893) working in Matthews Chiropractic Center.  Schedule with her today at 704.779.0371 for 100% you.

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