October is National Chiropractic Month

Matthews Chiropractic Center wants you to stay well. With the upcoming cold season creeping closer you need to be at your best so your downtime is little and recovery swift. We welcome October and the spreading of National Chiropractic Month!

Staying Well is Staying in Flow

Chiropractic is an alternative health discipline which aims to remove interruptions to the flow of normal nerve transmission. The spinal cord is the main pathway for nerve messages to and from the brain. These signals allow our brain to perceive sensations, control our heart, lungs, and other organs and allow us to direct movements of our body. The nerve branches, which bring signals to all parts of the body, exit the spinal cord through holes on either side of the vertebral column. Each of the 26 bones of the vertebral column are separated by discs, which form joints with the vertebrae above and below. These joints are what connect the spine and give it flexibility. The vertebral column also surrounds and protects the spinal cord.

Inhibiting Your Wellness

Should a vertebra move out of alignment, say from trauma, emotional stress or another cause, it is likely that the nerve signals will be compromised. The chiropractic profession believes that this compromise negatively impacts the ability of nerves to carry messages and therefore a person’s health. Likewise, emotional stress, muscle tension, and poor ergonomics can stress the body/spine and also reduce the transmission of normal nerve messages. Chiropractic medicine is based on the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself. Chiropractors work to remove impediments to spinal motion and normal nerve transmission to aid the body in self-healing. Chiropractors primarily use adjustments to improve spinal motion. In this way, patients can be relieved of back, neck or joint pain, and headaches without drugs or surgery.

Recognizing Your Health through Chiropractic Care

National Chiropractic Month is a consolidation of two previous observances: Correct Posture Month and Spinal Health Month. Since good posture and proper ergonomics helps to eliminate stress on the body and spine, training to improve and maintain good posture is one of the things I usually stress during treatment. Considering how integral posture and spinal health are to chiropractic, it is very fitting that these endeavors be recognized this month. Poor ergonomics and lack of joint motion today could be the cause of your back pain or headache tomorrow… Call to make an appointment and have your spine checked today!

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