A Car Accident Can Hurt More Than You Think

Unexpected, rear-end collisions can cause serious whiplash-associated disorders1.  It has long been known that seemingly harmless, low-speed rear-end collisions have the potential to injure the neck2.  Even if we perceive that a car accident was not intense or the damage to your vehicle is not significant, it is possible for the neck to sustain whiplash injuries.

Dangers of Whiplash

Car crashes can cause injuries that we are often not aware of, especially right after the accident, when the body is in shock and you are feeling the stress of all the inconvenience that will result.  Headache, neck pain, shoulder tension, arthritis, disc injury, ligament sprain, dizziness, numbness and tingling, weakness, nerve and muscular injuries are just a sample of the conditions that can result from a wreck.  Medication can reduce pain and inflammation, but injuries to muscles, ligaments, and misalignments of the spine will remain3.

Many victims of motor vehicle collisions never fully recover, because pain relief medication and muscle relaxers only mask pain and allow you to cope in the short term.  To avoid pain, the body eventually compensates for injuries with changes in posture or gait that happen so slowly we don’t realize.  To make matters worse, the adaptations that the body makes to lessen pain, can cause more trouble down the road.

Chiropractic Can Help Accident Victims

Chiropractic services following a car accident can identify and treat injuries and spinal changes before the body gets used to them and chronic problems begin to develop.  It is far better to have injuries found early and treated, then to wait, hoping the pain will go away and eventually have the body compensate with altered posture and early degenerative changes4.  Relatively low speed collisions can cause whiplash associated disorders with long term consequences.  If you have sustained a personal injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident please contact Matthews Chiropractic Center right away, because it could be the injuries that you don’t feel that could cause the most trouble in the future.  Call for an evaluation today, 704.841.3833.

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