Please Don’t Text & Drive

collisionI have used this space to write about the risks to the spine of frequent texting and how chiropractic can help heal injuries from car accidents.  I have never touched upon texting while driving though.  We all know the dangers of combining texting while driving, plus it’s against the law, but it is still happening…

Dangerous Results

Examining and treating a patient this week who was struck head-on by an inattentive driver encouraged me to ask for your help.  Please, remind every driver that you know that while driving is not the time to be texting.  Text before you leave home or work, pull off the road to send a text, wait to arrive at your destination to return messages, use a headset to talk on the phone, but PLEASE DO NOT TEXT WHILE DRIVING.

Pay Attention

Arrive Alive, Don't Text & DriveDriving demands your attention, a lot is happening on the road.  Taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds can have severe, unintended consequences.  If you drive while texting you are 6 times more likely to cause a crash than if you were intoxicated.  Imagine if a car that you hit during a moment of texting was carrying a friend or family member and think of your own well-being.  You are much more likely to arrive safely if you wait to communicate.

Please Drive Safely, Don’t Text & Drive

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