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Posture Perfect?

Very often after reviewing x-rays where I have identified and measured postural imbalances, patients will ask how these changes could have come about.  They are curious why a hip is higher on one side, curvature in the low back is exaggerated, or the head is held forward.  Time and again I tell patients that have […]

Matthews Chirporactic Schedule

Mark Your Calendar

Office hours will be available on the following Saturdays: August 1st and 22nd September 12th and 26th October 10th… Please call to schedule a time from 9am until noon. Matthews Chiropractic Center will be CLOSED Monday, August 10th and Friday, August 14th.  On Tuesday, August 11th, we will offer expanded hours in the afternoon/evening.  On […]

Play it Safe in the Sun

Play it Safe in the Sun

With the summer upon us it’s a good time to review safety in the sun.  June was National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, but it’s never too late to start to protect your skin from the sun and its potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation. Though the skin is our largest organ, it is often overlooked when we […]